Shorewood, Wisconsin

Surviving........ 44
Missing ..... ...... 6
Class total.......246

Site last updated August 19, 2017
Note that many links to obituaries no longer work; the sources, such as the Journal-Sentinel, delete them or put them into a paid archive after a while.

Mark Williams May 21, 2017. Obituary
Max Fritschel. June 2, 2017 Obituary.
Jean Hawtrey Birnie, December 14, 2016.  Obituary

Beverly (Hubinger) Manschot , February 5, 2017. Obituary.
Harold Cohen, October 24th, 2016. Obituary
Marilyn Thornberry Salmon, early 2016. Obituary.
Margaret Walsh Lewin January 24, 2015 Obituary
Rita Shaughnessy Rohde July 4, 2016  Obituary
 Rachel Pinko Mishlove July 7, 2016 Obituary
Margaret Noeske Cook March 27, 2016 Obituary
Duane Ayers April 5, 2015 Obituary
Don Goniu April 20, 2016. Obituary
Elmer Jaeger, January 13, 2016. Obituary.
Gerald Kahn, October 30, 2014. Obituary.
Carol Filter Holt, November 18, 2015. Obituary.
Suzanne Missner Murad, October 14, 2013 Obituary
Louise Rose Ver Hey June 28, 2010. Obituary.
Jack Lichtenberger, April 15, 2015 Obituary.
Oren Roessler, November 12, 2014 Obituary.
Richard Scheife, February 10, 2014 Obituary

Glorianne Legler Harkins, August 18, 2014 Obituary
Edward Higgins - August 7, 2014

Joan Winter Bailey Kulfan - August 4, 2014. Obituary
Russell McGarvie - July 18, 2014. Obituary.
Elizabeth Levy Joseph April 16, 2013. Obituary
Mary Lou Sernau Higgins died November 5, 2012. Life story.
Erich Bretschneider, June 24, 2010, Obituary.
Audrey Bert Watry December 2, 2008
Robert Deahl, February 10, 2011
Clarence Slais, January 27, 2012
Mary Ann Hytken Bernstein, May 30, 2012. Obituary.
Melvin Bernstein May 31, 2012. Obituary
Bob Smith, December 29, 2012. Obituary.
Roy Genskow, February 6, 2013. Obituary.
Lennox Birckhead, December 15, 2005. Cemetery.
Ann Webb Krieger, 5 August 2003. Obituary.
Mona Jean Taugher McGeever, 16 May 2010. Obituary.
Gwendolyn A. Montz Ihrig, January 23, 2012. Obituary.
James Freeman, June 30, 2012. Death Notice.
Robert Fitzpatrick, July 1, 2011. Obituary.
Joan Pike Widmer, 17 Feb 2002
Morton Newald, 15 Jan 2012 Obituary.
Lucy Harmes Martinka, 8 May 2005
Joyce Kibbe Reget, 13 Oct 2012. Obituary.
June Miotke Joy, 27 March 2010. Obituary.
Lucia Lupton White, 29 Oct 2006Elizabeth Levy Joseph died April 16, 2013. Her obituary.
Roy Genskow died February 6, 2013. His obituary.

Bob Smith died December 29, 2012.  His obituary.
Melvin Bernstein died May 31, 2012. His obituary.
Mary Ann Teweles Bernstein died May 30, 2012. Her obituary.
Robert Deahl died Feruary 10th 2011 His obituary.
Clarence Slais died January 27, 2012 His obituary.
Morton Newald died January 15th, 2012. His obituary.
Bob Sullivan died December 27, 2011
His obituary.
Patricia Austin Daase died June 13th, 2011. Her funeral notice and obituary.
Bill Kissinger died  April 21, 2011 His obituary.
Mannie Hassel died December19, 2009
Joan Merriman Johnson died February 8, 2011
Elizabeth Bolin Drolet died March 22nd, 2011
James Bamburger died March 1, 2011.
His obituary.
Robert Deahl died February 10, 2011.
His obituary.
Donald Kiehnau died  February 22 nd.
His Obituary.
Carolyn Sheets Brockway died April 5th 2009 Her obituary.
Joan Spence Moriarty
died December 7, 2009; Her obituary.
Bill Jassoy
died August 17, 2010. His obituary
Al Boerner
died July 28th 2010. His obituary.
Corene Wilcox Thorsen died August 13th, 2009. Read her obituary.
Research shows that Louis "Louie" Rahr died in February, 2000.
According to the Social Security Death Index Carl R. Balistreri died November 11, 2002.
It appears that June Sellman Rose  passed away on the 21st of April 2006. See notes below.
It is apparent that Bill Kissinger died in Phoenix July 30, 2003. See notes below.
Betty Shanglies Smith passed away April 12th 2009. See her obituary.
Walter Bode passed away April 22, 2009. See his death notice.
Martha Schreiber Bjordstrup passed away November 7, 2008 See her Obituary
Ardyce Jensen Vinson passed away August 11, 2008 See her Obituary 
Can't locate Anne Webb Krieger, marking her missing 1/26/09
Diane Elsom Felzien died Hanuary 18, 2009.
See her death notice.
Barbara Osthoff Collins died July 9, 2008. See her death notice.
Bette Gindlin Joseph died August 13, 2008. See her death notice.
Ida Neefe Droegkamp died May 20, 2008.
See her death notice.
Betty Fass Claus died April 7th 2008. See her death notice.
Carol Mason Rittberg
died January 12, 2008.  See her death notice.
Jim Scheinfeld died December 8, 2007. See his obits by searching for his name.
Helen Marie Eggert Snyder
died September 3, 2007. See her death notice.
Lois Rajski Schobert died March 31, 2007 See her death notice.
Judith Newman Tucker
died on April 4,2007
Sandy Schmitt died on Oct. 30, 2006. See his death notice.
We had lost touch with Mackay Spero; he died September 25, 2006. See his death notice.
Just discovered that Richard Schuettler (aka Scheller) died Oct. 13, 2003 See the obit
Anthony "Cliff" Kanz
passed away May 20th, 2006 at Ocean Pines, Maryland. See the obit.
Dorothy Whittet Grimstead passed away January 25th, 2006, of stroke.
Jim Heller
passed away of pneumonia December 20, 2005. See his obituary.
Beverly Hubinger Manschot was evacuated from New Orleans (see the most recent newsletter). On 10/4 her daughter Jill reported that Beverly is back in her rehab facility in Harahan, LA; her home in New Orleans was completely destroyed and she hasn't made up her mind yet what she will do when she gets well.
George Donovan passed away July 28th.
Gloria Auermiller
passed away on May 18, 2005.
Found! Gerald Kahn has been located in Mulberry, Florida!

The 60th Anniversary Reunion
was a terrific success!  Pictures can be seen here.

Barbara Osthoff Collins' father inducted into UofW Athletic Hall of Fame. See article.
Sallie Collins Rapp passed away August 20th, 2004.  Husband Bill preceded her in death (Obituary $).
Our Treasurer Bette DiFrances Bellanti passed away August 6th, 2004.
Willett (Bill) Rapp died Friday, July 16, 2004. His wife, Sallie, survives(Obituary $).
Jean Foulks O'Keane died January 25, 2004.
We have lost Lloyd "Bud" Pettit, who passed away November 11th.  Read his obituary.
Richard Platek passed away March 9, 2003.
We have lost track of June Sellman Rose, last in Saint Petersburg, Florida.
Several SHS people honored: Click here.
We've lost another classmate; George Schuett died on September 28th, 2002. See his Journal/Sentinel obituary.
Beverly Becker Koenan managed a big "win" recently! See the details at  the Journal Sentinel site.
I've located Shirley Pleyte and moved her from the missing list to the survivors. However she indicates she does not want to be contacted nor to have her name and address listed in our records.
-------------- Notes -----------
Bill Kissinger has been out of contact for some time. The Social Security Death index identifies a William E. Kissinger having died in Phoenix, AZ on July 30, 2003. His date of birth was in 1925 and he was issued his social security number in Wisconsin; therefor it reasonable to presume it is him.
A June Rose is listed in the Social Security Death Index as having died in Waukesha 4./21/06. Born 10/8/1927 with the social security card issued in Wisconsin beginning with the number 387 (same as mine) suggesting a Milwaukee area application. An attempt to find an obituary or death notice on line was not successful. Presumably this is June Sellman Rose who we lost contact with in 2001, at which time she was living in St. Petersburg, Florida. Perhaps she moved to Waukesha to be near relatives.