Back row: Bette Schanglies, Marilyn Miller, Lenore Albert, Howard White, Al Steinmayer, Rudy Wolter, Margaret Walsh, Joan Beutell;
Middle row: ??3, Joclyn Killiam, ??5, Jim Heller, Phyllis Koppel, Dick Cleaveland, Helen May, Mackey Spero, ??8, Rita Santacrose;
Front row: ??9, Fred Beutler, Jean Hawtrey, Louie Rahr, Mort Newald, Charles Coffey, Marjorie Erickson, Cookie Offsen, Audrey Bert, Jean May. ..
Thanks to Fred Beutler, Sue Vonier Vivian, Roy Genskow,  Marilyn Thornberry Salmon and Betty Schanglies Smith for their suggested identifications.
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