The 60th reunion, held on September18th, 2004, was attended by 40 class members as well as several spouses and guests.

Both Fred Beutler and Dick Cleaveland took pictures
(click on the name to see the pictures they took)

A group picture was taken, to see the picture in much larger size click on the small image below (it'll take a while to load; be patient). With that larger image (scroll it in your browser) just by hovering your cursor over a face you get the classmate's name displayed. Click elsewhere on the picture and you'll return here.

Group photo

Row One -Bottom Row (left to right)

ROW ONE: Helen Eggert Snyder, Pat Austin Daase, Rita Shaughnessy Rohde, Barbara Osthoff Collins, Mari1yn Miller Davis

ROW TWO: Ruth Livingston Riedl, Lois Rajski Schobert, Mari1yn Thornberry Salmon, Beverly Hubinger Manschot, Jacqueline Dom Yakovleff, Susan Carter Meldman, Joan Winter Kulfan

ROW THREE: Jack Chamberlain, Oren Roesler, Bob Sullivan, Jim Heller, Morton Newald, Beverly Becker Koenen, Betty Fass Claus

ROW FOUR: Dave McMahon, Dick Cleaveland, Fred Beutler, Marge Aylward Weaver, Harold Cohen, Russ McGarvie

ROW FIVE: Harold Stanfield, Jack Lichtenberger, Art Gaulke, Bill Jassoy, Al Boerner, Bob Mandel, Roy Genskow